Catering Rewards FAQs


How do the rewards work?

As a registered MyPanera member, you can begin earning Catering Rewards Dollars.  For every $500 you spend on qualifying Panera® Catering orders using your MyPanera® account, you’ll earn $20 in Catering Rewards Dollars. When placing an order at a bakery-cafe, simply provide the Catering Coordinator or Manager with the phone number on file with your MyPanera account in order for your catering order to automatically track towards rewards. When placing your orders online (US only), log in to your MyPanera account at before placing your order – your MyPanera account will track your order automatically once payment is processed. Once you’ve reached $500 in qualifying Panera Catering orders, you will receive 2 $10 Catering Rewards Dollars in your MyPanera account. You can use your Rewards Dollars toward any Panera Bread® purchase (with the exception of gift card purchases). They are redeemable online (US only) or in bakery cafes. Canadian guests can only earn and redeem Catering Rewards Dollars for purchases in the bakery cafe. Additional restrictions apply. See additions Q&A below and the full program terms.


Can I use the MyPanera account I already have?

Absolutely! Simply click on the "I already have an account" option when prompted. You will be able to log in to your existing MyPanera account and start tracking to your Catering Rewards Dollars when ordering Panera Catering.


I added a MyPanera account to my Catering account, but it was the wrong one. What can I do?

Once linked, we cannot disconnect a MyPanera account from a Catering account. You can log onto the Catering website with your existing MyPanera account, though. For full account details, please review your account from the MyPanera dashboard.


I just registered for MyPanera! Can I get MyPanera credit for my past Panera Catering orders?

While orders from before your membership began cannot be applied to your MyPanera account and will not count toward earning Catering Rewards Dollars, don't worry - you'll be amazed at how quickly rewards are earned.


I am already a MyPanera member and forgot to record my visit.

We'll be happy to help! Please send a message through our Customer Care Center within 30 days of your purchase date and include purchase information, including bakery-cafe that fulfilled the Panera Catering order, the date of the order, the order number and purchase amount, and we'll ensure your visit is recorded correctly.


Do my Catering Rewards Dollars expire?

Catering Rewards Dollars earned expire 90 days after the date they're issued. You can view your available rewards and their expiration dates at any time by visiting or and signing into your account.


How long do I have to reach the $500 goals?

You have 12 months from the date of your last qualifying catering purchase to reach the $500 goal.


Can I redeem all of my Rewards Dollars in one transaction?

You can redeem multiple Catering Rewards Dollars if you visit your local participating bakery-cafe, or if ordering catering online in the US. If you're placing an online order for Rapid Pick-Up or Delivery, at a Fast Lane kiosk, on one of our mobile apps, however, only one Catering Rewards Dollars reward may be redeemed per transaction. Canadian guests can only earn and redeem Catering Rewards Dollars for purchases in the bakery-cafe.


Can I only use my Catering Rewards Dollars on catering orders?

You can also use Catering Rewards Dollars on non-catering orders, however there are limitations on where you can use multiple rewards (see above question) and on use in Canada.


Can I use non-catering rewards towards catering purchases?

No, unfortunately these types of rewards cannot be applied to catering purchases.


The Catering Spend amount listed on my Dashboard doesn't match the amount I spent - what happened?

The amount used for calculation of Catering Rewards Dollars does not include any tazes, tips, delivery, cancellation or other fees, discounts applied, rewards redeemed or gift card purchases that may have been charged.


Can I apply my non-catering bakery-cafe purchases toward MyPanera Catering Rewards Dollars?

No, only purchases made from our catering menu will be used to calculate MyPanera Catering Rewards Dollars. However, purchases from our bakery-cafe menu still count towards other MyPanera rewards.


I already have a discount code or coupon I'd like to use - can I also use my Rewards Dollars?

You've earned these Rewards Dollars, and they can be used in addition to most other discounts made available by Panera.


Can I use my Rewards Dollars to purchase a Panera Bread Gift Card?

No, Rewards Dollars cannot be used in connection with gift card purchases.


Can I use part of my $10 Reward Dollars and save the remainder?

At this time, the entire $10 must be used at once, and any remaining balance will be lost. We want you to fully enjoy your rewards, so we recommend that you save your Rewards Dollars for a visit when you can redeem the entire $10. If your order falls short of $10, you can always add a delicious pastry or one of our blended smoothies to your order.


How will I know when I've earned Rewards Dollars?

You can view your balance at any time by visiting and signing in to your account. Upon logging in, you'll see your progress toward Rewards Dollars as well as any current balances and expiration dates. If you receive email from MyPanera, you'll also receive regular notifications to keep you updated on your progress. Your MyPanera account dashboard will also display any Rewards Dollars that have been earned along with the expiration date. All qualifying receipts for purchases will also show your progress to your next Catering Rewards Dollars.


Can I give my Rewards Dollars to another MyPanera member?

Earned Catering Rewards Dollars can be shared using the function on your MyPanera dashboard (if available). Your progress to next Catering Reward Dollars, however, can only stay with your account.


What differences exist for Canadian guests?

Canadian guests can only earn and redeem Catering Rewards Dollars for purchase in the bakery-cafe. See full program terms for additional details.


More questions?

Visit our Customer Care Center or call us at 1-855-3-PANERA.

MyPanera Catering Rewards

Join MyPanera Catering Rewards. Start earning $20 in Rewards Dollars for every $500 you spend on catering.

Join MyPanera Catering Rewards. Start earning $20 in Rewards Dollars for every $500 you spend on catering.